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Our story began in 2018 when the owners, Heath Fervida and his son, Cullen Fervida, bought a small espresso machine. Our dream was to bring our own style of coffee to Northern Indiana. We sought a medium to dark espresso blend that was strong but not too dark and overpowering. We also wanted to serve drinks that weren’t too sugary and took away from the power of the espresso. Cardinal Coffee was incorporated in 2019 after Heath and Cullen attended a professional barista school on the west coast. In 2021, the dream became a reality when our famous Italian espresso bike became a part of our lineup. Now our goal is to begin what we started by lighting the lives of our customers with a beverage that we have been working on for over 4 years. 


At Cardinal Coffee we are dedicated to crafting a superior beverage that is

focused on quality. The quality of our coffee, along with our professionalism and presentation are the heart of our service. We strive to brighten the lives of our customers with each cup and enhance the atmosphere of every event.

Our Mission

Our Team



Heath enjoys spending time with his family, riding mountain bikes, and Sunday afternoon drives with his wife. While doing graduate work in Oregon, he enjoyed studying in a variety of artisan coffee shops and trying different varieties of brewed coffee. His favorite drink is an iced Americano with cinnamon, coconut, and a ½ inch of cream on top.



Cullen loves adventure and entrepreneurship. You will often

find him outside paddle boarding, swimming or playing sports. Cullen has a passion for coffee because of how it brings people together. He believes that coffee is a great way to connect with other people or as a commodity for studying and an extra boost of energy. His favorite drink is a honey and cinnamon cortado.